“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” –Ivo Philbert

Ted Doolittle. Actor.

“Have something to say, and say it as well as possible.” Matthew Arnold, 19th Century English Writer

Ted Doolittle. Writer.

“Organizations that have the value ‘Improving peoples lives’ at the core of all they do outperform others by 400%.” – LeaderCast web site

Ted Doolittle. Bookkeeper.

What I Do
Christmas Revels! returns Dec 16-18, 2022; Other Auditions and Performances pending


Ted Doolittle Reel 2020

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Murder Made Me Famous: Jeffrey Dahmer

Ted is Jeffrey’s father, Lionel, who tries to make sense of his son’s behavior and help other parents identify the signs before its too late.


Boys Next Door August 14-16 @ the MATCH


Ted Voice



09/20/2022 First Rehearsal (music) for Christmas Revels 2022 “Tower of London.”

09/18/2022 Call back for Egeus/Peter Quince — Garden Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

09/16/2022 MMDT performance of the Jewel thief at The Cottage House in Richmond, TX I play the Security Guard, the 3rd to die.

09/14/2022 Offered a call back for Garden Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I’ll be auditioning for the Egeus/Peter Quince combination. Call backs this Sunday at the Match.

09/11/2022 Afternoon Pot Luck meet and greet for the Christmas Revels Cast.

09/11/2022 Auditioned for Garden Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

09/08/2022 JJ Johnston called offering me a role in CTC’s production of “Marriage of Figaro.” I had to turn it down because of my commitment to Christmas Revels.

08/29/2022 Asked to participate in a Murder Mystery, Friday, September 16th in Richmond, TX. I accepted.

08/20/2022 Signed up to audition for Garden Theatre’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Performs in January. Audition is September 11th.

07/16/2022 Asked to audition for BASF commercial filming in Dallas September 8th. Had to turn down because of a personal trip that week.

07/19/2022 Asked to submit voice audition for an “Unshackled” radio drama happening in Houston in August. Submitted.

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Something to Read

Stage32 Blog about my eyesight and calling

How to Keep Your Vision When Blinded by Life’s Cataclysms

South Main Baptist Church Lenten Blog

Hope for Dry Bones


2010 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Contest 2nd Place:

Nightmare of Hope

Available for production


A Ted Doolittle original one-act, this stylized play places the life of Christ in our world today.

Currently in the Works

A Memoir

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QB Certificate

Certified QuickBooks On-Line Pro Advisor Over 30 years in various bookkeeping positions

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"With left-brained intensity for detailed accuracy and right-brained passion for artistic truth"
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What people are saying (about what i do)

“Ted Doolittle, as the Reverend Gardner, has the patented role of Shaw’s Pharisee clergy down to a science.”

Warren Classical

Houston Press review of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” Fall 2017


WINNER: 2010 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Contest 2nd Place 

Toasted Cheese Literary Journal 2010

“As a self-trained bookkeeper for my small arts organization, I need help and oversight from time to time. Ted Doolittle is affable, affordable, and best of all, really knows what he’s doing. He keeps 4th Wall Theatre’s books in line!”

Philip Lehl, Artistic Director, 4th Wall Theatre; Founder, Board Member, Houston Theatre Alliance

“ . . . with Ted Doolittle effective as her ultra-mild-mannered love interest, the Rev. Chasuble.”

Earnest Classical Theatre 2014

Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle review of “The Importance of Being Earnest” April 15, 2014

“Excellent cast . . . they are all great, and Doolittle is superb.”

Red Ryder 2

Houston Press Review of “When You Coming Back Red Ryder” Fall 2012

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Ted Doolittle



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Everything I Ever Did

Performance and writing tables that record every project. Click here for performances and here for writing projects.

Martha Louise Doolittle

Editor, Designer, Artistic Partner


Art plunges into my soul and influences every aspect of my life. Art speaks truth and gives hope. Art infuses me with energy and encourages my creativity.

“Ted Doolittle is a man of faith and passion for his calling as an artist; a man of business and integrity as bookkeeper; and committed to his family as husband and father. ” – Martha Doolittle

I am passionate about my art, my numbers, and my God. If you’d like to discuss any of these with me, please feel free to reach out to me at the appropriate contact numbers on the right. I am most grateful to God for my wife, Martha, our daughter, Dorothy and her little dog, JoJo. – Ted


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Christmas Revels! returns Dec 16-18, 2022; Other Auditions and Performances pending
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