Christmas Revels 2021 December 17-19 @ the MATCH


My first performance was at age 7. By 7th grade I realized I had a calling. Plays and musical theatre help me make sense of this broken world and my role in making it better. This page offers a gallery of shows and theatres that represent the scope of my work.


This part of the dream is quickly becoming my favorite medium. Just waiting for Woody Allen or Steven Spielberg to call... My Official Reel and film work to date are presented here.


I always enjoy reading. Here are some samples of my range and skill. I look forward to exploring more of this form of storytelling in the future. Let me read to you!

“Ted Doolittle is a man of faith and passion for his calling as an artist; a man of business and integrity as bookkeeper; and committed to his family as husband and father. ” – Martha Doolittle

I am passionate about my art, my numbers, and my God. If you’d like to discuss any of these with me, please feel free to reach out to me at the appropriate contact numbers on the right. I am most grateful to God for my wife, Martha, our daughter, Dorothy and her little dog, JoJo. – Ted


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Christmas Revels 2021 December 17-19 @ the MATCH
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