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Notes On A Page

Notes on a page…

A visceral attraction and deep mystery from the age of 7,

how these blacks dots and markings control sound and rhythm

and how they move me - my feet, my body, my heart -

make my soul sing.

Lines and color on a page…

Ruben’s women, Van Gogh’s Starry Nights, Chagall’s Crucifixion - the mystery of beauty


Three-dimensional shape, line and color of Disney Princess clothes;

Victorian ballgowns;

The ruff and cuff,

petticoat and pantaloon,

gowns and jackets in layers

on the canvases of countless figures, art books, museum mannequins;

Eye-Candy and inspiration for character revelation.

Words on a page…

Like passwords to great escapes,

with eye-candy costumes that reveal their characters,

sometimes featuring music from some

notes on a page.

- by Martha Louise Doolittle, October, 2018

Second in the series, answering the question: What is it about music, visual art, and the written word that speak to your soul?

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