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05/20/2023 "Seussical" meet and greet and first rehearsal

05/12/2023 "Salome" closed.

05/09/2023 Discussed performing in Christmas Revels 2023

05/07/2023 Given the role of Mayor in SMSM's "Seussical."

04/29/2023 Submitted Pioneer Soybeans and Corn Commercial. self-taped audition.

04/28/2023 "Salome" Opening Night!

04/27/2023 Asked to audition for Pioneer Soybeans and Corn Commercial. Accepted.

04/24/2023 Asked to Audition for Focus on the Family anti-abortion commercial. Had to decline because filming dates (in Dallas) conflict with "Salome."

04/19/2023 Audition for SMBC Summer Musicals "Seussical"

04/24/2023 Asked to Audition for Leaf Filter commercial. Had to decline because filming dates (in Austin) conflict with "Salome."

03/27/2023 First rehearsal for HGO's "Salome"

03/24/2023 Filmed the SAFE segment for Memorial Hermann Hospital Exhibit.

03/20/2023 Staging Solutions date & time finalized: Friday, March 24th, 10:20 AM

03/20/2023 Saturday Murder Mystery event canceled.

03/19/2023 Played the husband for Patty Bailey's USAA audition (JoJo walked along with us)

03/09/2023 Submitted self-taped audition for CVS Worldwide Commercial.

03/08/2023 Asked to submit an audition for a CVS Worldwide Commercial. Accepted and will submit tomorrow or Friday.

03/07/23 Offered the opportunity to put my name in for two Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre performances: March 25 in Baytown and April 1 in Bryan. I said I'd be available for the 1st of the two.

03/07/23 Offered chance to be in a Staging Solutions video for Memorial Hermann Hospital's exhibit


03/06/23 Offered and accepted the supernumerary role of "Merchant Man" in HGO's "Salome."

2/20/2023 Submitted for consideration as a supernumerary (extra) in HGO's (Houston Grand Opera) spring production of "Salome."

2/16/23 Myles from home audition submitted

2/14/2023 Asked to audition for Myles from Home VBS film


12/18/2022 5th and Final performance of Christmas Revels 2022.

12/16/2022 "Christmas Revels 2022" Opened

 11/23/2022 Submitted Video audition for Zoom Shakespeare's live March production of "Much Ado about Nothing."

11/09/2022 Asked to Audition for a Murder Mystery Game, but I was going out of town and couldn't film the audition.

10/28/2022 Performed a MMDT at Maggiano's Little Italy in the Galleria

10/14/2022 Offered opportunity to sign up as an extra for a Methodist Hospital Commercial filming on Sunday. I signed up and was immediately accepted. Will film very early Sunday morning.

10/14/2022 Offered a role in Apprentice Production of "Angles" happening this December. Had to decline because already committed.

10/12/2022 Asked to participate in a Murder Mystery at Maggiano's Little Italy (Galleria) on October 28th. I accepted.

09/20/2022 First Rehearsal (music) for Christmas Revels 2022 "Tower of London."

09/18/2022 Call back for Egeus/Peter Quince -- Garden Theatre's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

09/16/2022 MMDT performance of the Jewel thief at The Cottage House in Richmond, TX I play the Security Guard, the 3rd to die.

09/14/2022 Offered a call back for Garden Theatre's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I'll be auditioning for the Egeus/Peter Quince combination. Call backs this Sunday at the Match.

09/11/2022 Afternoon Pot Luck meet and greet for the Christmas Revels Cast.

09/11/2022 Auditioned for Garden Theatre's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

09/08/2022 JJ Johnston called offering me a role in CTC's production of "Marriage of Figaro." I had to turn it down because of my commitment to Christmas Revels.

08/29/2022 Asked to participate in a Murder Mystery, Friday, September 16th in Richmond, TX. I accepted.

08/20/2022 Signed up to audition for Garden Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream. Performs in January. Audition is September 11th.

07/16/2022 Asked to audition for BASF commercial filming in Dallas September 8th. Had to turn down because of a personal trip that week.

07/19/2022 Asked to submit voice audition for an "Unshackled" radio drama happening in Houston in August. Submitted.

06/21/2022 Asked to audition for Neches Fed Credit Union Commercial. Declined because I would be in a small boat fishing with a "grandson" and I felt nervous about being in any boat smaller than a cruise ship.

06/20/2022 Submitted audition for Pog Picks live stream event happening July 12th in Austin

05/21/2022 Submitted for audition consideration as a test contest on a new game show

05/12/2022 Offered and accepted to reprise my role in Christmas Revels "Tower of London" script. Performs in December 2022.

05/03/2022 Zoom call back went well.

04/23/2022 Received a callback for the Better Real Estate commercial. Callback is virtual on Tuesday May 3rd.

04/30/2022 Submitted self-taped audition for Better Real Estate commercial.

04/21/2022 Asked to audition for a Better Real Estate commercial.

 04/07/2022 Asked to audition for a Methodist Hospital commercial. Accepted and submitted my self tape.

03/17/2022 Submitted DoorDash commercial audition.

03/16/2022 Asked to submit as an extra for a DoorDash commercial. I accepted.

03/16/2022 Submitted for consideration for a USAA commercial

03/11/2022 Submitted self-tape audition for Wal-Mart Commercial

03/10/2022 Asked to submit audition for Wal-Mart Commercial

02/12/2022 Submitted audition for Devo Web Page Store


12/8/2021 Performed "Secret Santa" Murder mystery script for Immatics private party in Hermann Park area.

11/8/2021 Filmed ANA commercial

11/5/2021 Asked to portray an advertising executive for an ANA commercial (internal and possibly Linked in). I accepted.

11/1/2021 Having still not heard anything definite from Revels of Houston, I'm determining it cancelled (or my participation removed) so I can attend a day-job related week long meeting in December.

10/28/2021 Asked to take part in a Murder Mystery on December 8 for an IMMATICS Luncheon. I accepted.

10/9/2021 Submitted for consideration for a Facebook commercial. Looking for people with disabilities.

9/24/2021 Offered opportunity to audition for Texas Health Commercial taping in October. Dates conflicted w/family and work commitments so I had to turn it down.

9/22/2021 DFS Internet Commercial Taped

9/20/2021 Offered a chance to play a minor role in a DFS Marketing video. Films tomorrow afternoon.

9/13/2021 Queensbury Theatre determined that, due to COVID, they couldn't produce Elf after all.

9/9/2021 Submitted audition for unnamed television series

9/8/2021 Attended general non union singing call for Queensbury Theatre's Christmas production of "Elf."

9/7/2021 Revels, due to minimal audition turnout, didn't rehearse. Their board meets later to determine their Christmas plans.

9/7/2021 Requested to audition for unnamed TV Series filming in Houston this fall.

8/31/2021 Asked to submit audition for Kelsey Seybold Commercial. Submitted my self tape today.

7/16/2021 Offered part in Christmas Revels 2021 Christmas Show. Accepted.

 6/16/2021 Asked to submit audition for Splenda national commercial. Turned down due to Father-in-Law Health condition and uncertainty there.

5/28/2021 Submitted taped audition for Roto Rooter national commercial

4/18/2021 Submitted for consideration as an extra in a Myostrain ad.

 4/15/2021 Submitted audition for short-silent outlaw in Papa Murphy's Pizza Commercial -- to film in Dallas on 5/26.

2/16/2021 Received call back notice for "Wonder London." Call back in person 2/20 at 1:00 PM

2/11/2021 Submitted audition tape for "Wonder London."

2/08/2021 Asked to Audition for the small part Skip, in the Independent Film"Wonder London" to be filmed later this year in Houston.


7/21/2020 Boys Next Door, after multiple changes and possibilities finally determined will perform at HITS theatre in the Heights on August 7th - 9th

7/11/2020 Submitted Kelsey Care self-tape commercial

7/10/2020 Asked to submit for Kelsey Care commercial

5/1/2020 First Rehearsal/Read Through of "Boys Next Door." Via Zoom

4/13/2020 Offered & Accepted roles of Mr. Corbin and Mr. Clarke in Alliance Theatre's production of "The Boys Next Door" performing June 26th - 28th at the MATCH.

04/05/2020 Submitted Taped audition to Alliance Theatre for "Boys Next Door"

04/04/2020 submitted general audition to Vicky Boone Casting agency

4/1/2020 Due to Coronavirus Alliance Theatre emailed they would only accept electronic submission.

03/30/2020 Asked to submit a general audition (monologue and interview) to Vicky Boone Casting out of Austin. They want to spend this down time getting familiar with new talent.

03/22/20 COVID forced Alliance to move their audition to April 8th at a new location.

03/07/2020 Signed up to audition for "The Boys Next Door" at Alliance Theatre -- focused on giving people with disabilities the opportunity to work with other professionals -- a concept close to my heart. Audition set for March 27th at 7:15 PM.


12/15/2019 Revels closed -- 5 performances in 3 days

 12/13/2019 Revels 2019 Opens

12/9/2019 Revels 2019 Tech rehearsals begin at the MATCH in Houston

12/7/2019 Performed Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre for Veterinary Private Christmas Party at Palazzos Restaurant.

12/5/2019 Asked if I would submit as an extra in a Dell commercial. Had to turn down this opportunity.

11/20/2019 Asked to do some voice overs for a couple of short web commercials

11/6/2019 Asked to audition for a Catholic Church's short film. Submitted taped audition 11/7

11/6/2019 Booked a Murder Mystery gig for December 7

10/17/2019 My first rehearsal for Christmas Revels 2019

10/13/2019 To Kill a Mockingbird closing performance -- sold out almost every performance, standing ovation every time

9/27/2019 To Kill a Mockingbird Opening Night!

8/29/19 To Kill a Mockingbird rehearsals begin

8/9/19 Audition for Small Clinic Commercial

8/7/19 Midnight now available on Audible

7/23/19 Author approved "Midnight." Now we await ACX final approval and publishing.

7/23/19 Submitted "Midnight" to author for proof-listening and approval

 6/1/19 Auditioned for Halloran/Pierce (Miracle on 34th Street) at A.D. Players

5/23/19 Invited to audition for Miracle on 34th Street at the A.D. Players

 5/22/19 Awesomely Esoteric Science Fiction and Fantasy: Volume 1 now available on audio. You can find it here.

5/16/19 Be Mine Premiere for cast and crew. Posted on the Web in August or September

5/10/19 A.D. Players asked me to audition for the role of Caspar ten Boom in their fall production of "The Hiding Place" Had to turn them down since I already accepted the role in "To Kill a MockingBird."

5/9/19 Preview Showing of "Be Mine" Web Series has been moved to Thursday, May 16

5/8/19 Submitted to Web Series "Dead of Night"

5/6/19 First 15 Minutes of "Midnight" Audio Book submitted and approved

5/6/19 Offered the role of Sheriff Tate in Unity Theatre's Fall production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" which I accepted. Play runs September 26th through October 13th.

 5/1/19 Asked to submit audition for local film "Wages of Sin"

4/30/19 Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at Maggiano's (for private event)

4/26/19 Gretchen & Karl's Christmas now out at

4/25/19 Received call back for NASA commercial

4/24/19 Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Luncheon at Maggiano's (for private Chevron event)

4/23/19 Filmed Judas monologue for YouTube/Vimeo, etc

4/23/19 Submitted for local film "Wages of Sin"

4/23/19 "Blind: A Short Story Anthology" released on Audible.

4/22/19 Posted my scene and my one line from "Ay Lav Yu Tuu" (a Turkish film) on YouTube. This was filmed a number of years ago.

 4/19/19 Received offer to produce "Midnight" a 5-hour audio book by Steven Levy

4/19/19 Booked two Murder Mysteries (Keith & Margo's): April 24 luncheon and April 30th dinner

4/19/19 Auditioned for 2 ACX audio books this week

4/18/19 Asked to participate in a table read for  a new play based on "The Hiding Place"

4/18/19 Asked to submit an audition for another NASA commercial (part of the moon landing 50th anniversary)

4/17/19 Submitted self-taped audition for an episode of the 2019 CBS All Access show "Interrogation" filming in May

 4/13/19 Filmed last episode of "Be Mine" web series

4/1319 Submitted 3 ACX Auditions this week.

4/12/19 Author approved "Karl & Gretchen's Christmas" audio book. Should be available in 2-3 weeks.

4/12/19 Asked to audition for commercial in Austin next week. Logistics made this too difficult and I turned down the opportunity.

4/9/19 Offered and accepted to record the one-hour audio book "Esoteric Science Fiction."

4/8/2019 Asked to do a Dr. Omen cameo on the last episode of "Be Mine"

 4/6/19 Submitted 3 ACX Auditions this week.

4/5/19 Filmed small role in Innovaptive Brand YouTube commercial

4/4/19 Submitted for part in Sunday Night filming in Houston

4/3/2019 Yesterday posted a video from a monologue performed in 2016. Part of Interface Samaritan's Symposium on Mental Health. Note: the monologues were written by Martha Doolittle. You can watch the monologue here.

4/2/19 "Blind: A Short Story Anthology approved by the author. Now awaiting ACX processing and distribution.

 4/1/2019 Submitted self-taped audition for NASA commercial

3/31/19 Performed "Judas: The Plan that Failed" (20-minute monologue) for Bethany Christian Church

3/29/19 Asked to audition for a NASA commercial

 3/29/19 Submitted 4 ACX Audio Book auditions this week

3/28/19 Submitted for consideration -- "Hard to Place" filming in KY starting late April

3/28/19 "Reflections of Eternity" released on Audiobook. Available at Audible now, iTunes and Amazon soon.

 3/27/19 South Main Baptist Lenten Blog Published. Read it here.

3/26/19 Cast in Software Web Commercial filming 4/5/19

3/23/19 Submitted for Software Web commercial filming in Houston

 3/22/2019 Blog I wrote about my eyesight and career posted on Stage32 this morning. Read it here.

3/21/2019 Submitted three more auditions to ACX

3/15/2019 Asked to perform a 15-minute Judas monologue for Bethany Christian Church on 3/31.

3/14/2019 Submitted for a print ad that would shoot in Houston next week.

 3/9/19 Filmed two more webisodes of "Be Mine"

3/7/19 Auditioned for another ACX audio book

3/6/19 Submitted "Reflections of Eternity" to author for proof listening

3/2/19 Filmed "Be Mine" webisode 3

 2/27/19 Auditioned for three more ACX Audio Books

2/20/19 Cast in two episodes of the Web Series "Be Mine" to be shot in early March.

2/16/19 Attended call backs for "Be Mine" web series2/16/19 Attended call backs for "Be Mine" web series

2/15/19 Received an offer to record "Reflections of Eternity" audio book.

2/14/19 Auditioned for two more ACX audio books.

2/13/19 Received an offer to record "Blind: A Short Story Anthology." This is a one-hour audio book centered around blind people.

2/12/19 Auditioned for 5 more audio books with ACX

2/7/19 Auditioned for another ACX audio book; was pleasantly rejected for one from the previous day and began discussions with another author from this week.

2/6/19 Auditioned for 2 more audito books with ACX

2/5/19 Received a call back for "Be Mine"

2/5/19 Auditioned for 3 audio books with ACX

2/2/19 Auditioned for "Be Mine" Web Series

1/28/19 Asked to submit for an M.D. Anderson Training Video

1/21/19 asked to audition for Big Bear Restaurant Commercial on 1/23

1/22/19 asked to submit for a San Antonio Waster Management Commercial


12/21/18 "Christmas Revels" opens at the MATCH

12/12/18 "Scarlet Wedding" now available on audible.

11/27/18 Submitted for "Duchess of Crenshaw" a Tyler Perry feature filming in Atlanta in January.

11/26/18 Received a call back for the Methodist Hospital Commercial

11/21/18 "Scarlet Wedding" audiobook approved by author. Now awaits ACX approval and publication

11/13/18 "Lawfully Justified" released on Audible, iTunes and Amazon in a few days. A Christian Historical Western Romance written by Lorana Hoopes and narrated by Ted Doolittle:

 11/11/18 Asked to audition for a Methodist Hospital commercial -- audition 11/13

 11/7/18 Asked to audition for a Texas Beef commercial tomorrow in Austin. Schedule commitments required I turn down the audition opportunity.

10/25/18 Submitted for consideration in a business role playing role

10/18/18 Called back -- asked to submit a video audition -- for "Narrow Road."

10/17/18 Finished "draft" one of "Lawfully Justified" audiobook

10/17/18 Submitted to audition for  a Noir Internet/Facebook promo with Savage Henry Casting

10/13/18 Submitted for consideration in an episode of PureFLix's "Narrow Road" filming in Houston late November

10/4/18 Offered to record "Lawfully Justified" by Lorana Hoopes. Accepted. She also asked if I would submit for the sequel. I did and received that offer as well.

10/3/18 Auditioned for two Audio Books through ACX

 9/11/18 Asked to submit audition for a Mississippi Power company Industrial

9/8/18 First Rehearsal of Christmas Revels

 8/25/18 Performed MMDT for about 20 people at a Maggiano's Little Italy Public Performance

8/21/18 Received a call back for the Bridgestone Commercial from last week.

8/17/18 Asked to Audition for the Independent Film "The Senior" which films in Dallas during October. Auditions on Tuesday 8/21.

8/15/18 Asked to submit for a Symantec Print Ad shooting at the end of August

8/14/18 Asked to audition for a Bridgestone Commercial. Audition tomorrow in Dallas.

 8/10/18 "Hello Dolly!" Opens at the MATCH

8/10/18  Murder Made Me Famous: Jeffrey Dahmer times announced: Premiers 8/25 at 8:00 PM (central) and repeats at 11:00 PM. There will be many future arings.

8/10/18 Booked a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre on August 25th at 8:00 PM. Maggiano's Little Italy -- open to the public.

7/5/18 Submitted for consideration as a non-speaking character in some Medicare commercials

5/26/18 Offered part in Kingsly Martin’s film staged readings (for short films to be produced later this year and next year)

5/20/18 Offered part of Morley in the 2018 Christmas Revels 

5/15/18 Performed MMDT for Exxon

5/12/18 First Rehearsal for "Hello Dolly" at South Main Summer Musicals

5/8/18  Asked to Audition for episode 3 of “Chambers” a new show to be released in 2018.

5/8/18  Auditioned for Stages Repertory Theatre’s 2018/2019 season

5/4/18  Booked new MMDT gig for Exxon, May 15th in the Woodlands

5/2/18 Received Notification that I was cast as Rudy (headwaiter) for South Main Summer Musicals production of "Hello Dolly" performing August 10-12 at the MATCH.

4/30/18  Booked extra (court room attendee) for Cy-Fair ISD industrial

4/21/18 “Pride & Prejudice” closed

4/12/18 “Pride & Prejudice” opened at University of St. Thomas

4/3 - 4/4/18 In Dallas filming “Jeffrey Dahmer” episode of “Murder Made Me Famous.”

3/26/18 Booked the part of Lionel Dahmer in “Murder Made Me Famous” episode 502

3/22/18 Got a call back for Lionel and shaved the mustache, donned the glasses and retaped the submission.

3/16/18 Submitted self-taped audition to play Lionel Dahmer (Jeffrey’s dad) in a true crime TV series, Murder Made Me Famous, on REELZ.

3/12/18 Submitted for consideration as a background player for a Cox Business commercial shooting in Austin next week.

3/7/18 “Rumspringa Prelude” (Echo Pictures) informed me they’d cast someone else but liked my audition and will keep my information for future projects.

3/6/18 First rehearsal/read through of “Pride & Prejudice” at University of St. Thomas (the combined professional and student production).

3/1/18 Submitted Resume & Reel for a local Austin Car commercial

3/1/18 Submitted audition for movie short “Rumspringa Prelude” by Echo Pictures.

2/26/18 MMDT at Maggianno's for 2nd Baptist School

2/22/18 New Murder Mystery Gig for Monday 2/26 at Maggianno’s. A Private party of students from 2nd Baptist School.

2/3/18 Offered to submit as an extra for the HCA filming on Monday 2/5, but I’m in St. Louis and had to turn it down.

1/28/18 Audition opportunity for HCA, but the call back and filming was while I was on a family medical trip to St. Louis so I had to turn it down.

1/15/18 Offered a part of a businessman in a Music Video (no audition). But was concerned with the subject matter and turned it down.

1/12/2018 Attended the Memorial service for Jeannette Clift George – Houston Alley Theatre Actress, star of movie “The Hiding Place” (1975), founder and artistic director of the A.D. Players.

1/5/2018 Public Murder Mystery at Maggianno’s Little Italy on Post Oak.



12/30/17 Submitted my first pages to Andrea Somberg (Harvey Klinger Agency) in the process of seeking an agent. She declined and encouraged me in my pursuit.

12/29/17 Asked to attend a Beer commercial audition in Austin. But only 3 hours notice so there was no way I could get there and ready in time.

12/12/17 Evening I received sides and a request to audition for the role of Whitey Bulger in a Reelz network true crime show. Taping is January in Dallas.

12/12/17 Eric Domuret called in the early afternoon and offered me the role of Mr. Bennet

12/11/17 Attended a call back for Mr. Bennet at UST.

12/9/17 PM Another MMDT for the Gunda Corporation’s Christmas Party.

12/9/17 AM I auditioned for Mr. Bennet in a new adaptation of “Pride & Prejudice.” University of St. Thomas is producing a combined student and professional actor which performs in April of 2018. Directed by Eric Domuret

12/8/17 MMDT for McDonald’s Leaders in Woodlands. 

11/25/17 Off to GNYDM convention representing Kleer. 

11/22/17 Submitted an Agent Query letter for memoir to an agent in NYC. She taught a Writer’s Digest Webinar and will critique my query as part of the class fee.

11/10/17 Added two Murder Mystery Gigs for December 8th and 9th.

10/31/17 Asked to do Kleer character at NYC convention Nov 27-30.

10/24/17 Submitted for Amazon Echo Industrial Job in Austin.

10/6/17 “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” opened at Classical Theatre Company.

10/2/17 Auditioned for Jim Adler Hurricane Harvey commercial

9/30/17 Offered several commercial auditions in September, two in Dallas which were too logistically difficult for me to accept. And one for Jim Adler in Houston

9/12/17 First rehearsal of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.”

9/4/17 “Jumping the Sun” filming postponed until everyone can regroup after Tropical Storm Harvey passed through the city.

8/30/17 Murder Mystery canceled after Harvey dropped more than 30” of rain in the Houston area.

8/23/17 Booked a new murder mystery gig at Maggiano’s for McDonald’s luncheon on August 30.

8/22/17 My hands auditioned for a glove print ad. Looking for guys who would wear gloves for work.

That evening taped my film acting class scene with me as Poopy the Clown.

8/14/17 Sat in the Chevron Auditorium Downtown with about 50 others who are the background/audience members for some lectures Chevron is taping this week. 

8/12/17 Asked to be in a local Independent Film entitled “Jumping the Sun.”

8/11/17 Requested to send a taped audition for a role in the third season of “Mr. Robot.”

8/9/17 Asked to be an extra for a Chevron taping on Monday 8/14. 

8/8/17 Asked to submit an audition for a TV show which airs this fall

8/7/17 Kleer Commercial appears on YouTube: click here to view.

6/28/17 Filmed the Kleer Commercial, running through fields and dripping with sweat. From there came back to Houston to audition for Classical Theatre’s “Enemy of the People.”

6/27/17 Notified I made “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” playing Reverend Samuel Gardner. Rehearsals begin September 12th.

6/26/17 Attended Auditions for “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” at Classical Theatre Company

6/20/2017 Monday (19th) received e-mail to audition for a Methodist Cancer Commercial. Auditioned for the husband of a cancer survivor.

6/14/17 Got cast in the Kleer commercial. Shoots outside of Brenham on June 28th.

6/11/17 Auditioned for Kleer commercial

6/7/17 CTC called me back for two of their 2017/2018 productions: "Enemy of the People" (Ibsen) and "Mrs. Warren’s Profession" (Shaw).

6/6/17 Received notice of audition for a Dental commercial this Sunday

5/31/17 Been tentatively offered a role for next Spring. I’ll post more details once the season is announced and the offer solidified.

5/20/2017 "Anne Frank" closed.

4/11/17 Pastorini-Bosby Talent offered and I accepted that they will become my film and television agent for the southeast United States.

4/7/17 MMDT for the 50th anniversary of Foretravel in Nacogdoches, TX. Motor Coach owners from around the country came to help celebrate. 

3/27/17 Contacted by Pastorini-Bosby Talent (responding to my inquiry) to set up an April 11th appointment to discuss possible representation.

3/14/17 Cast as Otto Frank (Anne’s father) in Queensbury’s production of “Diary of Anne Frank”

3/9/17 Asked to audition for Paul in AD Players production of "You Can’t Take it With You." Audition is this Saturday.

3/7/17 MMDT at Maggianno's for Second Baptist School

3/2/2017 booked a Murder Mystery in Nacogdoches (about 2 ½ hours north east of Houston}. Not sure the group.

2/27/17 Booked another murder Mystery. This time for 2nd Baptist school at Maggiano’s.

2/2/22/2017 Murder Mystery performance for Metro Baptist (SBC Children’s Leaders from Southeast U.S.) 

2/14/17  A public Murder Mystery performance at Maggianno’s.

2/11/2017 Murder Mystery 

2/11/17 Received a call back from SRO productions for their fall show “Mystery of Edwin Drood.”

2/10/17 Saw an audition notice for “Diary of Anne Frank” at Queensbury Theatre and plan to attend in March.

2/9/2017 Performed a Murder Mystery for over 150 (mostly 19-22 year olds) at Maggiano’s Private Phillips 66 party. 

2/8/2017 Confirmed Murder Mystery for a Private Party on the 22nd.

1/25/2017 Confirmed 3 Murder Mystery bookings with Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery of Texas

1/23/2017 Received Permission to use R.G. Harrison’s Letter Translations to produce one-man show of Vincent Van Gogh

“Ted Doolittle is a man of faith and passion for his calling as an artist; a man of business and integrity as bookkeeper; and committed to his family as husband and father. ” – Martha Doolittle

I am passionate about my art, my numbers, and my God. If you’d like to discuss any of these with me, please feel free to reach out to me at the appropriate contact numbers on the right. I am most grateful to God for my wife, Martha, our daughter, Dorothy and her little dog, JoJo. – Ted


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