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 A Memoir

“You have Retinitis Pigmentosa,” Dr. Richard Lewis said, removing the bright light from my eyes and rolling his stool back from my chair.


“Meaning your retina is deteriorating and taking your peripheral and night vision.”

He gave me the bad news with severe honesty.

“You need to stop driving immediately ,” he said. “I can’t take your driver license nor am I required to report your condition to the Department of Public safety.”

He paused for emphasis.

“But if you're in an accident, I can testify against you in court.”

(Excerpt from the manuscript (c) Ted Doolittle)

“Ted Doolittle is a man of faith and passion for his calling as an artist; a man of business and integrity as bookkeeper; and committed to his family as husband and father. ” – Martha Doolittle

I am passionate about my art, my numbers, and my God. If you’d like to discuss any of these with me, please feel free to reach out to me at the appropriate contact numbers on the right. I am most grateful to God for my wife, Martha, our daughter, Dorothy and her little dog, JoJo. – Ted


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